MISSION STATEMENT: I am Durdge-o, amateur game developer. I've dabbled in source modding, rom hacking, pal modding, comics, art, fighting games, tutorials, and speedrunning. This website hosts my creations and other things I've done, I refuse to make the website in any vision than my own and vow to never use invasive website design. Hopefully this can inspire other users to step-up and escape the grasps of social media and other platforms in order to express themselves using their own websites.

WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE FRIEND, all who come are welcome to peer into the grand grand grand beyonds of the WORLD OF DURDGE-O.

Welcome to my site, if you like what you see here you should check my friends here out:

Kill All Magical Girls
Short high-score-based shmup where you survive 25 rounds. :: game page ::

Gamit: The Skyward Voyage
The first of Gamit-kind....
:: game page ::