MISSION STATEMENT: I am Durdge-o, amateur game dev who's dabbled in tf2 mods, pal modding, sprays, tutorials, tf2 comp, csgo comp, and speedrunning. This website will host my works as well as other very cool things, I refuse to use anything that tracks visitors or is invasive in any way. Hopefully this can inspire other users to step-up and escape the grasps of social media and other platforms in order to express themselves using their own websites.

WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE FRIEND, all who come are welcome to adventure on into the grand grand grand beyonds of the WORLD OF DURDGE-O.

Sup, welcome to my site. If you like what you see here I'd suggest checking these things here out:

Grand Grandman's Grand Adventure
A game about the "Sun Human" Grandman in a odd world.:: game page

Many Mans Against You
Twin Stick Boss Rush game starring Fire Idiot, in his probably only appearance.:: game page